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Wolves At The Gate Debut Music Video For “Peace That Starts The War”


Wolves At The Gate have dropped a music video for their song “Peace That Starts The War“. Penned long before current events, the band’s singer/guitarist Steve Cobucci had the following to say about it:

“Most of my life was spent battling these inner struggles in a way that caused me to gain no ground against them. I felt that they were totally my burden to bear alone — invisible to all that were around me, yet overwhelming to me in the confines of my mind. It wasn’t until I learned to rest in the peace that I could begin to start the war against all the darkness within me.”

He continued:

“Writing this song was a blast. Joey got the ball rolling when he dropped the main intro riff into our Dropbox. I built the rest of the song from there. We all got together in Columbus for a writing session to finalize the songs, and that’s where it really came to life. Joey wrote the guitar solo and end riff on the spot, and we were all literally yelling, screaming, and cheering him on as he tracked it. The same went for Nick when he tracked his scratch vocals for the end of that song. It was good times.”

The group’s new album “Eulogies” will be out on March 11th through Solid State Records.

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