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H2O’s Toby Morse Reveals He Was Recognized By Staff Helping Administer His Recent Colonoscopy


Toby Morse, vocalist for hardcore punk vets H2O, has shared a tale about an intimate encounter he recently had with a fan of his band. Last week saw Morse, who also hosts the ‘One Live One Chance Podcast‘, undergo some preventative care, having gone ahead with receiving his first-ever colonoscopy at the ripe old age of 51-years-old. As it turns out, the anesthesiologist who put him under for the procedure was a longtime NYHC fan.

According to Morse, said fan revealed his admiration of H2O, Madball and Sick Of It All to him just prior to putting him under for the procedure. Morse retold that awkward encounter below:

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“Yesterday I faced my fears after cancelling 5 times. I’ve never been put under. I’ve never been high. I haven’t been in the hospital since I was kid. About to be 52 and was due for a colonoscopy. The drink the night before wasn’t the worst part. People had me shook about it. But It was the fear of shitting myself in the Uber on the way there the next morning. Which didn’t happen. Thankfully. Right before I went under the Anesthesiologist was asking me what I did & I looked familiar. I told him & he pulled up his sleeve and he had a huge @sickofitallnyc tattoo lol he told me he grew up on them, @madballnyc H2O etc last thing I said to him was. “Holy shit,We’ll your about to see my ass” 💤. Everyone there was so nice really made me feel comfortable. I was so fucking nervous. And I’m very glad I did it. Feel so much better. And I’m fine! Thank you Doctor Tabib. Everyone Get your ass checked. I think it’s at 40-45yrs old ,these days actually? Not quite sure. Preventative Care is so important! #HealthIsWealth #PissingMyAss #PositiveMentalAss #ColonoscapyCrew #RealAdultShit”

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