Korn's Brian "Head" Welch

Korn’s Brian “Head” Welch Reveals Which Modern Heavy Bands He Currently Enjoys


As unfortunate as it is, for many, the older they get, the more limited their passion for seeking out new music becomes. As the responsibilities and demands of adulthood firmly take root, a reliance on old favorites from their youth becomes all too convenient.

Despite currently living out his 51st year on this planet, Brian “Head” Welch, guitarist for nü-metal architects Korn, is apparently not one of those individuals. When asked recently by Spotlight Report about what new bands he had been enjoying lately, his answers were surprisingly modern.

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Among them were Canadian alternative metal darlings Spiritbox, UK post-hardcore outfit Holding Absence, Danish melodic metal outfit Siamese and the UK’s ethereal masked collective, Sleep Token.

Speaking of those bands, Welch offered:

“…I really like the band Spiritbox, bro you gotta listen to that band, and listen to a song called “Holly Roller‘ and actually listen the whole record, is the most melodic, beautiful music. It’s a bit Evanescence-ish. You gotta check it, don’t stop until you listen to that band.

There is another band called Holding Absence that is pretty cool, Siamese is another I’ve been checking out… Sleep Token is very trippy… there you got a few for you and your readers to check out.”

Korn just released their fourteenth studio album “Requiem” last week.

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