Cave InDavid Robinson

Cave In Have Wrapped Up Their Next Release


Cave In‘s next studio release is pretty much in the can. The band’s vocalist/guitarist Stephen Brodsky recently spoke with about their progress with that record, stating:

“It was also recently [late Cave In bassist/vocalist] Caleb Scofield‘s birthday and I feel like as a gift to us we just finalized the master for a brand new Cave In recording. It’s funny how things sort of collide in that way from the spirit world to the world that we’re in now and even with Caleb no longer being on this earth his spirit is still very much showing itself in very, very cool ways. To finalize a master on a new Cave In record on his birthday was just so cool and it was like a gift to us from him, so he’s still out there checking in with us and I hope that’s the way from here on out.

He’s always invited to let us know that he’s here and we’ll continue celebrating his life as well as his work through Cave In and beyond. There’s lots of exciting stuff in the works for next year.”

Cave In record this new album across multiple sessions, most recently laying down material at GodCity Studio in Salem, MA with Converge‘s Kurt Ballou this past September. The same interview also saw Brodsky discuss his hopes to begin putting together the various ideas his other outfit Mutoid Man have accumulated.

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