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Moon Tooth Release Acoustic Version Of “Nymphaeaceae”


Moon Tooth have released an acoustic version of their recent single “Nymphaeaceae“. Vocalist John Carbone commented of stripping down the track:

“I didn’t initially plan to change much up vocally, but what the guys did instrumentally was very inspiring. Some different rhythms, melodies and harmonies quickly jumped out of me in the middle of tracking. In our band, that’s usually the sign that we’re on the right track so it was as much a writing session as it was a recording session. Over the years, Ray and I have developed a great short-hand on occasions like this so it was a lot of fun to develop the changes on the spot.”

Guitarist Nick Lee added:

“When the idea of doing an acoustic version of ‘Nymphaeaceae‘ first came up I wasn’t sure it could work but I think it’s now my favorite heavy-to-acoustic rendition of a Moon Tooth song we’ve done! I found the most inspiration for how to turn one of the more thrashy new songs into a vibey acoustic jam from Led Zeppelin‘s ‘Friends’ off of III. Jimmy Page on that song is able to make an acoustic guitar sound heavy and mean as hell and it’s always been a favorite of ours.

It is always a fun challenge because, especially in the last few years, Moon Tooth has put just as much effort into writing interesting chord progressions and melodies as we have put into writing crazy, acrobatic riffs so when you strip the song down to its roots and it’s still solid, it feels like we must be doing something right.

Ray also brought it to another level with his percussion; incorporating a castanet and even a glockenspiel to do something different than our past acoustic tracks. We couldn’t help but laugh at times making it, like ‘what band are we in again?’ but I’m really very proud that we’ve set ourselves up to express whatever we want musically and it can still be accepted as Moon Tooth.”

The band also have the following year-end shows booked:

12/15 Philadelphia, PA – Milkboy
12/16 New York, NY – The Gramercy Theatre
12/17 Washington, DC – Songbyrd Music House

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