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Mastodon Apologize For Brent Hinds’ Recent Homophobic Slur (Updated)


Update: November 05th, 2021 11:35 AM:

Hatebreed, etc. frontman Jamey Jasta has pulled the recent episode of his ‘The Jasta Show‘ podcast which featured Mastodon vocalist Brent Hinds. Hinds drew criticism for both uttering a homophobic slur during the appearance, while also disparaging Disturbed and their fans. Jasta stated today, November 05th:

“This episode has been taken down. The point of the podcast is to talk to old friends, make new ones, throw some ideas around & maybe make a couple of those ideas happen. This episode was never meant to create division or stress @bhinds is my friend & I want nothing but the best for him.

He has a right to his opinion but once his words were being used against him I figured it was best to not let one crappy podcast take any shine away from a killer new album. We all have bad days that we don’t want broadcast & spun into something that it isn’t.

We’ll do it again down the line and it’ll be fun like the previous episodes with Brent have been. Love you Brent. Awesome job to you & everyone involved in every aspect of the new album.”

Original Story:

Mastodon drummer/vocalist Brann Dailor has apologized for the recent usage of a homophobic slur by his bandmate, guitarist/vocalist Brent Hinds. During his recent appearance on Hatebreed, etc. frontman Jamey Jasta‘s ‘The Jasta Show‘ podcast, Hinds recalled his displeasure at sharing the stage with Disturbed on the 2008 ‘Rockstar Energy Mayhem Festival. Hinds revealed his apparent disdain for the outfit and their fans when asked if he had any bucket list tours he’d like to do. Hinds replied back to that question:

“No. I did a lot of tours I didn’t want to do though, like Disturbed and all that Mayhem stupid bullshit. Gay ass shit. You gotta fuckin’ open up for Disturbed. You gotta play to people that like Disturbed.

Hinds‘ comment drew some immediate backlash and didn’t sit well with Dailor, who publicly apologized via social media to In addition to engaging with a writer in a private chat, Dailor also publicly responded to an upset fan on social media as well, offering:

“This really bums me out. I’m very sorry we hurt your feelings or anyone else’s, that is never out intention. We want our LGBTQ fans to feel safe listening to our music and coming to see us live. We also have no ill will towards Disturbed, they were always super cool to us on the Mayhem tour. I think that interviewer might have caught Brent on a bad day. Sorry for upsetting you or anyone else, we appreciate you and all of our fans very much.”

Dailor himself took on some of the criticism himself in the wake of Hinds‘ comments, having just shared a picture of himself dressed as Judas Priest frontman Rob Halford, who proudly came out of the closet in 1998.

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