Five Finger Death Punch’s Ivan Moody On Tommy Vext: “I Just Don’t Get Where Politics Got So Massively Involved With The Kid”


Five Finger Death Punch and Bad Wolves‘ fates have been inexorably linked over the years. From ex-Bad Wolves vocalist Tommy Vext filling in for Ivan Moody back in 2017 amid his addiction battles, to Bad Wolves being brought up under the wing of Five Finger Death Punch guitarist Zoltan Bathory and countless tours embarked upon together, the two bands forged some strong bonds.

Vext‘s acrimonious split from Bad Wolves, which brought with it dueling lawsuits, writing and royalty disputes and frequent barbs being traded back and forth between Vext and his former bandmates certainly changed the complexion.

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In a recent Q&A with fans on Instagram, Moody was asked to share his thoughts on Vext, he replied:

“Am I still friendly with Tommy Vext? Friendly? Yes… Yes. Friends? I’m not sure if we ever were anymore. Listen, I’m not going to get too far into it, but I don’t understand people that believe half what they say and say half of what they believe. I just don’t get where politics got so massively involved with the kid. I think he got a little taste of it and ‘the love’ that comes with picking a side and, in my opinion, got stuck. And, I’ve said this actually, that I wish he would just come out and say, ‘Listen, I fucked up.’

The thing about it is, and if you want the truth, is that Zoltan managed them [Bad Wolves]. I’ve been friends with Doc [Coyle] and John [Boecklin] from Bad Wolves for almost 20 years… So for me, that relationship goes deeper… That whole collective, they’re fucking rad people, man. And so when I hear about one of them getting choked the fuck out over something really minor, no.”

In a separate Q&A he offered:

“This dude’s a waste of my time, I don’t know why you guys keep bringing him up. He’s more worried about me than I am of him. I’m sure you know who the fuck I’m talking about. Some peoples kids… And P.S., the reason I don’t talk shit online, and I don’t need to, is because if I have a fucking problem with somebody, I’ll just go to their fucking house. I’ll show up and we can talk. Really talk. I dodn’t have to sit here on Instagram or Facebook or Twitter, it’s just pipe… Anything I have to say to you I’ll say it on the record or I’ll say it to your fucking face. I’ve got no time for bullshit, man, and I ain’t tryna make anyone popular by giving them my fucking yes or no. Suck it.”

You can watch more on that below courtesy of Rock Feed, who have compiled several of the clips where Moody referenced Vext. In addition to new and revisited Five Finger Death Punch albums, Moody has also been working on a new poetry book titled ‘Dirty Poetry‘, which is expected out November 25th.

As for Vext, he most recently claimed that his former label Better Noise Music got his official Instagram account taken down earlier this month. He intends to once again hit the road starting later this month on the ‘God Bless The Outlaws Tour‘ with Struggle Jennings, Caitlynne Curtis and A Killer’s Confession.

Bad Wolves will release their first studio album since parting ways with Vext, “Dear Monsters“, this coming Friday, October 29th. Daniel Laskiewicz has since taken on the role as their new frontman.

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