Judas PriestJustin Borucki

Judas Priest Have “At Least An Album Or Two Of New Material” In The Works


Judas Priest bassist Ian Hill recently told The Morning Call that the band have “at least an album or two of new material’ up their sleeves. Restrictions put in place for COVID-19 have thus far hampered the band’s plans to get into the studio together and lay it down properly, but the outfit have been working remotely for the time being.

Hill said of that:

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“There’s at least an album or two of new material. The big problem has been COVID over the last year. We haven’t been able to get together, you know? Some of the guys live in the States and a couple of others live in Britain, so we can’t really get together to rehearse. It’s just opening up now, just easing a bit now, which is a bonus.”

Speaking of working together on the material remotely, Hill added:

“…You can send them backwards and forward, but it’s such a messy process. It’s much easier to be there in the room with everybody and them tell you to your face, ‘That’s a load of crap, start again.’ Or ‘We love it, don’t touch a note.’ It’s much easier and it’s more real doing it that way, as well. You pick up off everybody’s vibe anyway. So it’s preferable to do it face-to-face, when we’re all together.”


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