Metallica Release 1993 “Of Wolf And Man” Live Performance, Royal Blood & Goodnight, Texas’ Metallica Covers Debut


Metallica are back with another weekly batch of tracks from their upcoming deluxe box set edition of their 16x multi-platinum 1991 self-titled album (aka “The Black Album“) and its accompanying tribute album, “The Metallica Blacklist“. Both of those releases will be out on September 10th.

Newly emerging from the “Live at Maimarktgelände” 2-CD live set included in the deluxe box set is the below May 12th, 1993 live performance of “Of Wolf And Man“. That performance was captured at the Maimarktgelände in Mannheim, Germany.

As for the latest from “The Metallica Blacklist“, you can now hear Royal Blood‘s take on “Sad But True” and Goodnight, Texas‘ rendition of “Of Wolf And Man“.

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