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As I Lay Dying’s Phil Sgrosso Releases New EP, Launches ‘Raise The Bridge’ Podcast


In addition to launching a new project dubbed Apathian this past April, As I Lay Dying guitarist/vocalist Phil Sgrosso has now released a debut EP of solo material under his own name. That two-song effort is titled “Tension Rising/Light Of Day” and can be heard below. Sgrosso oversaw most aspects of the production process sans the mixing, which was done by Joseph McQueen. Mike Kalajian took on the mastering duties.

Speaking of the tracks, he offered:

“These were songs that I initially wrote years ago although they never really fit exactly into the mold for any of my bands. I felt like there was still potential for them to serve a purpose somewhere down the line. When I decided to create some musical themes for the podcast, these 2 songs immediately came to mind. From there I began updating them with newer and more modern elements that I find interesting while still working well in an instrumental context. All the downtime in 2021 enabled me to focus more on my technique of incorporating more speed and shred with my solo playing, it’s been a rewarding challenge for sure.”

In other news, Sgrosso has also launched a new podcast dubbed ‘Raise The Bridge‘. A press release regarding that states that it will be ‘discussing the backstories, music philosophy, creative approaches, production techniques, and more from his peers throughout the music industry.’ Sgrosso himself stated of it:

“A lot changed for me personally during the pandemic lockdowns last year. A big part of it was taking a year off from drinking and refocusing my priorities on my mental and physical health. Part of what got me through the days was running and listening to podcasts, which I really enjoy learning more about interesting people and their experiences.

As a musician, I tend to get stuck in my own head…a lot…so starting my own podcast enabled me to step outside of myself and get into the minds of some very talented people that I’ve become friends with over the years. It’s been an enjoyable learning experience for me, as well as therapeutic in many ways.”

You can find the series on leading digital service providers now with the first episode featuring an interview with Saosin‘s Beau Burchell. Other guests lined up for the series include:

  • Dan Jacobs (Atreyu)
  • Joey Bradford (The Used)
  • Nick Depirro (Night Verses)
  • Elliot Sloan (Night Fiends)
  • Javier Reyes (Animals As Leaders/Mestis)
  • Nik Hill (Ignite)
  • Taylor Young (Twitching Tongues/Nails)

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