Metallica Release Rough Cut Of “Enter Sandman” Video & Pre-Production Version Of “Don’t Tread On Me”, Volbeat Debut “Don’t Tread On Me” Cover


This week’s offerings from Metallica‘s upcoming deluxe edition of their self-titled album (AKA ‘The Black Album‘) and its accompanying tribute record “The Metallica Blacklist” have arrived online. First up is the ‘Psycho Band Pass’ edition of the group’s music video for their biggest single to date, “Enter Sandman“. That video is described as an early rough cut of the Wayne Isham directed music video which would go on to launch the band to superstardom.

Also being served up is a pre-production rehearsal version of the song “Don’t Tread On Me” which was recorded at Bayview Studios in Richmond, CA back on December 04th of 1990. Meanwhile, on “The Metallica Blacklist” front comes the below video for Volbeat‘s take on “Don’t Tread On Me“. Volbeat‘s frontman/guitarist Michael Poulsen stated:

“We didn’t want to touch any of the big hits on that album, which is quite difficult because they’re all hits, somehow. We were trying to pick a song that you don’t hear as much from that album, and the most important thing was to pick a song where we could transform it into a Volbeat song. ‘Don’t Tread On Me‘ definitely had a swing that I could turn into a Volbeat‘ swing, and it turned out really great.”

Both the deluxe edition of the self-titled album and “The Metallica Blacklist” will be out on September 10th. All profits from the latter will go towards Metallica‘s own All Within My Hands Foundation and charities of each participating band’s choosing. For this new cover, Volbeat chose the Børne Cancer Fonden Denmark.

For more details on both of these upcoming releases, head here.

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