God Forbid

Doc Coyle Says God Forbid Have A Tour Offer, Hopes Olly Steele Will Play Second Guitar If The Band Reunite


It would seem the interest in a potential God Forbid live reunion has been growing as of late. The band’s guitarist Doc Coyle has revealed that the long dormant outfit currently have at least one tour offer on the table. However, as Coyle also revealed, if those shows do take place, his brother Dallas Coyle, who exited the band several years prior to their 2013 disbanding, will not be back for the run.

Doc, who is also a member of Bad Wolves, spoke of the possible live return during a new episode of his ‘The Ex-Man With Doc Coyle‘ podcast. He also asked his guest in the episode, ex-Monuments guitarist Olly Steele, if he would take up the vacant second guitarist position in the group.

That exchange went as follows:

Coyle: “So God Forbid has been getting some offers for tours and reunions and stuff—and I don’t even know if it’ll happen or not—but if it does happen, would Olly Steele be down to play second guitar in God Forbid, if it happened?”

Steele: “Are you shitting me?”

Coyle: “No, I’m not shitting you.”

Steele: “Where’s Dallas?…”

Coyle: “Dallas… He’s done with me. He had his run and now he’s done.”

Steele: “I can’t think of anything that would be more fun… If I’m free. I’m not saying I’d never be in a band again, you know.”

Coyle: “If you’re down to do it… The thing about it, it’s not even really being in a band. It’ll probably be some shows and maybe a tour. But there’s nothing crazy, we’d probably take it one step at a time.

And like I said, I don’t even know if the other guys want to do it. I think we’re supposed to have a conference call, kinda talk to everyone and see what the vibe is. But we have a tour offer right now, for a European tour, which I don’t know if we’re gonna do or not.

But it just kinda seems like things have come around and there’s renewed interest in the band. And if I was gonna get someone, you’d be the guy I want to get. So I thought I’d ask you here.”

Steele: “That’s amazing, 1000% yes.”

Coyle: “Awesome, alright now I’m excited. I thought you’d say yes.”

Steele: “You’re excited? I was 15-16-years-old playing guitar for the first time and learning from you and Dallas, and this has just happened, that’s amazing.”

Coyle: “Well, I can’t have anymore white people in the band alright? [laughs].”

Steele: “It’s a shame that it may not be the original lineup, BUT, let’s fucking play “Into The Wasteland” seven times in a row.”

Later in the chat, Coyle did reaffirm that despite the interest in God Forbid, Bad Wolves remains his primary focus. You can listen to the podcast here as well as below.

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