Spirit Breaker

Spirit Breaker Sign With Solid State Records, Ready New Album For August Release


Solid State Records have signed Michigan-based metalcore band Spirit Breaker. An August 13th release date has been set for the band’s new album “Cura Nata” with the previously released first single “Pure Fury & Wonder” streaming below.

A press release said of the album:

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Cura Nata‘ delves deep into the underbelly of human emotion. Intricate sounds meet booming riffs, resulting in the band’s heaviest, lengthiest, and most experimental project to date. By highlighting personal and relatable struggles with truth and grit, the project matches sincerity with gloom, illuminating an imaginative group of storytellers bent on relating to one another. Remaining consistent in their agenda, Spirit Breaker is and will always be a band whose music tells the truth.’

You can find pre-orders for “Cura Natahere.

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