Hrada (Extol) Debut “Gospel Oak”


Extol, etc. vocalist Peter Espevoll has branched out with Åsmund Janøy in a new outfit dubbed Hrada. “Gospel Oak” has been launched as the first single from the duo with a debut album still to come later in the year. An official press release sates of this first taste:

‘Recorded with the assistance of an array of supremely talented session musicians, Gospel Oak is mature, measured, rich and dramatic, overflowing with beautiful harmonies yet touched by shadows and darkness. It’s an enthralling song which reveals more of itself which each listen, more nuances, deeper textures, additional layers of sound. It’s a brave and brilliant opening gambit from a duo whose chosen name, Hrada, means ‘to create’ in old Norwegian – and that urge to create, one which Peter thought might have been lost to him forever, is what drives them.’

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