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Misery Index Ready B-Side & Rarities Release “Coffin Up The Nails”, Stream Cover Of Bolt Thrower’s “When The Glory Beckons”


Misery Index will have their new b-side and rarities compilation “Coffin Up The Nails” out on July 09th. The band commented of that new set:

“Much like our last compilation ‘Pulling Out The Nails‘, this release is comprised of a diverse collection of ‘odds and ends’ tracks from EPs, splits and bonus tracks, which were not always accessible to (or even heard by) many. Again, we have a decade behind us, with many adventures, mishaps and insalubrious achievements along the way.

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So we have dragged forth an assortment of detritus from the waste bins of past recording sessions. As always, thanks to you all for the support and we look forward to seeing you all somewhere along the road during the next ten years (assuming the world does not implode).”

An included previously unreleased cover of Bolt Thrower‘s “When Glory Beckons” has debuted ahead of time. Pre-orders for the set are available at

Coffin Up The Nails” track listing:

01 – “When Glory Beckons” (Bolt Thrower cover)
02 – “Zombie Prescription
03 – “Man of Your Dreams” (feat. Rob Barrett)
04 – “I Disavow” (7” version 2020 remix)
05 – “Wasting Away” (7” version 2020 remix)
06 – “Primitive Future” (2020 remix)
07 – “Siberian” (2018 remix)
08 – “Thieves Of The New World Order
09 – “Ghosts Of Catalonia” (demo version)
10 – “Thrown Into The Sun” (demo version)
11 – “Traitors” (demo version)
12 – “Conquistadores” alternate mix)

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