The L.I.F.E. Project

The L.I.F.E. Project (Stone Sour, Etc.) Pay Homage To Korn On New Single “Ignite” With One Of Munky’s Guitars


The L.I.F.E. Project, the new venture from Stone Sour guitarist Josh Rand and vocalist Casandra Carson (Paralandra), have released their second single “Ignite“. The group have also announced that their self-titled EP will be out on July 09th through Blood Blast Distribution. Rand commented:

“‘Ignite‘ is the first time I’ve written and recorded a song with a seven-string guitar. I got this guitar in a trade with Munky from Korn when we were out on tour with them 2017. I gave the song a Korn like vibe in the main riff as an homage to the band.”

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Carson added:

“‘Ignite‘ is all about allowing yourself to be happy. Personally, sometimes I feel bad about doing well or having success when the people I love are having a rough time.”

The L.I.F.E. Project” track listing:

01 – “Ignite
02 – “Purgatory
03 – “The Nothingness
04 – “Worthwhile
05 – “A World On Fire