HELLYEAH Are On “Hiatus” According To Roy Mayorga


HELLYEAH are officially on hiatus according to the band’s drummer Roy Mayorga. Roy addressed the matter during a recent appearance on ‘The New York Hardcore Chronicles Live!‘ podcast (see below). When asked if HELLYEAH are still active, he offered:

“Not right now, ’cause Chad [Gray] is on his way to go do [the] Mudvayne [reunion shows]. So those guys are on hiatus for right now.”

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Mayorga himself was brought into the band back in 2019 as a replacement for HELLYEAH‘s late drummer Vinnie Paul Abbott. Mayorga himself has since re-enlisted as Ministry‘s touring drummer.

This past September HELLYEAH guitarist Tom Maxwell expressed his uncertainty for future material from the outfit. Frontman Chad Gray had previously described the band as being in “a holding pattern” this past December.

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