Ov Sulfur

Ov Sulfur (Ex-Suffokate) Debut “Bathe In The Flame”


Ov Sulfur, who are fronted by ex-Suffokate vocalist Ricky Hoover, have debuted their new single “Bathe In The Flame” online. Hoover said of this new track

“‘Bathing In The Flame‘ could be taken literally, like you’re burning in hell. But it’s more a metaphor for finding comfort in embracing your humanity, which is often broken and bad—if not downright evil. It’s in our nature to live in the grey.”

Guitarist Chase Wilson added:

“This song is definitely more blackened than ‘Behind The Hand Of God.’ We went from planning to be a tech death band to blackened deathcore, so we figured out our sound as we went. It’s a pretty huge leap between the two. Our other guitarist Cory Walker also took over the orchestral elements from here moving forward and crushed a killer solo, to boot.”

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