ÆGES Debut “Colors” Music Video


ÆGES have now dropped a music video for their recent single “Colors“. The band’s vocalist/guitarist Kemble Walters produced and engineered the song, while Beau Burchell (Saosin, Senses Fail) mixed and mastered it. Walters previously said of it:

“Musically, ‘Colors‘ is the sum of all our parts and then some. It’s got the thick heavy riffs, extreme highs and lows in dynamics, a pumping chorus and attitude for days. I feel like lyrics should always be up to the interpretation of the listener, but there are a few different themes being addressed here. One is the chasm of perception, and how some people refuse to believe something, even though there’s a mountain of evidence right in front of them.”

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Ben Zucker filmed this video while the band’s drummer Dylan Howard edited it.

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