Hideous Divinity

Hear Hideous Divinity’s New Death Metal Cover Of Coheed And Cambria’s “Delirium Trigger”


Hideous Divinity‘s newly released cover of Coheed And Cambria‘s “Delirium Trigger” has been noticed by the band themselves. The following interaction took place in regards to it on Twitter this week:

The cover was released as part of Hideous Divinity‘s new EP “LV-426“, which is inspired by the ‘Aliens‘ franchise. Hideous Divinity commented of their cover:

“In 2002 Coheed And Cambria wrote a beautiful song… about Aliens. You’ll find our version slightly different.

Melodies became dissonances, clean singing became growling and screaming, but somehow everything fits perfectly. Oh, and there’s even a duet with piano and blastbeats courtesy of the maestro Tommy Bonnevialle.

The song turned into the coolest experiment ever, therefore we might do it again in the future. Enjoy!”

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