Blast Beat

New Film ‘Blast Beat’ Tells The Tale Of A Colombian Metalhead Science Prodigy Adjusting To Life In America


A passion for heavy metal will play a significant role in the upcoming film ‘Blast Beat‘. That film stars the brotherly duo of Mateo Arias and Moises Arias along with Daniel Dae Kim, Wilmer Valderama, Diane Guerrero and more. Esteban Arango directed the movie, which has been described as a ‘metal-fueled coming-of-age story’.

Set in the late 90s’, it tells the tale of a family from Colombia immigrating to suburban America. It is a feature-length adaptation of a short film Arango originally released in 2015. This full-fledged version is presently scheduled to open on May 21st. The following plot synopsis was provided:

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“When a family leaves their native Colombia for the United States in the summer of ‘99, a metalhead science prodigy and his aimless younger brother struggle to align the American Dream with their new reality.”