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Ex-Girlfriend Of Tommy Vext Says She Now Stands With His Past Domestic Violence Accuser, Vext Responds With Abuse Allegations Against Her


Nicole Arbour, a former girlfriend of ex-Bad Wolves frontman Tommy Vext has released a statement saying that she now believes the claims of domestic violence made against Vext by his ex-girlfriend Whitney Johns. Last year saw Johns take Vext to court over the matter, alleging several violent incidents, including allegedly striking her, choking her and threatening to kill her.

Vext would go on to deny the allegations made against him, labeling them an “extortion attempt”. A virtual trial was held late last year and saw a California court grant Johns a two-year domestic violence restraining order against Vext.

Vext himself would go on to say that he was “exonerated of physical abuse accusations” by the trial. During the time of those legal proceedings, Arbour, was publicly dating Vext, and had also been defending him on social media, as seen in the below tweet:

Nicole Arbour On Tommy Vext

Now Arbour has issued the below posts on social media on the matter, stating that she now believes Johns‘ claims:

On Instagram she shared a picture of her aforementioned tweet, while further stating:

“I’ve taken the time to educate myself on domestic abuse, and can’t in good conscience only post my wins as a person and not my failures.

I feel like I failed to protect other women once I learned details about this to preserve my own embarrassment at not seeing it earlier myself.

Turns out until very recently, I didn’t know how to recognize the signs, and have let a few bad guys slide through the cracks under the umbrella of “forgiveness,” them healing mental health or emotional issues, not wanting to get involved, and being a “good person.”

But with a platform comes responsibly, and it’s my responsibility to protect other people the way I wish people had protected me in situations.

This is an uncomfortable post, and I’m sure there will be other uncomfortable posts in the future, but it needed to be made.

If you are suffering abuse, stalking, or harassment, you are not alone, I believe you and you can get help by calling: 1-800-799-7233


Vext himself has responded, having streamed the below video overnight in which he addresses the allegations made against him. In it he went on to state that Arbour‘s actions were likely a “spiteful publicity stunt”, citing past allegations of her being abusive towards an ex of hers, Matthew Santoro. He further goes on to claim that Arbour went on to become controlling of him and his female social media friends upon dating. Notably Arbour herself has previously come forward against Santoro, while Santoro has also come forward against her.

The video also finds Vext going into detail over an incident in which he claims that Arbour ‘threw the hotel phone at his head’ during a fit of jealousy, after which he claims to have broken off the relationship.

He also goes on to state that he held off on voicing his concerns against Arbour, due to being a supporter of her career. He stated of that, “Nicole is such an adamant outspoken person about anti-leftist establishment, that I don’t want to injure her efforts to tell the truth, because she has issues with relationships.”

Elsewhere he alleged that Arbour attempted to have him sign an NDA upon dating to prevent any details of their relationship from ever getting out, while also revealing that he had recorded several phone calls with her, in one of which she allegedly admits to throwing the phone at him. He played a clip from that phone call in the video.

Vext would also state that upon ending their relationship, Arbour had sent him a $6,000 hotel bill for a trip they took that went sour, which he says that he paid. Vext would further explain in the video that he feels that Arbour has went after him now because he had recently started a friendship with another ex of hers, Ryan Upchurch, who had accused her of abuse and theft.

Arbour herself would later address the matter of the phone call being recorded and the phone being thrown at Vext on social media, stating:

Later in the conversation, Vext states that he was sent into a suicidal depression last year following the domestic abuse allegations made against him by Johns and the pressures he was facing in the media and the band. He alleges that Arbour recorded him discussing his mental health struggles with a support group, issuing threats that she would expose him if he wronged her. At one point in the video he stated that he himself had previously been physically abused by an ex who was trained in MMA/boxing.

Vext also spoke of his financial situation, stating “a lot of people think that I’m rich, I’m not rich. The attorney that was extorting me, I had to turn over all of my bank statements and they realized that were like ‘oh this guy doesn’t have money.’ Like, I’m not some fucking millionaire. It’s fucking crazy. All this work was done to try to get hundreds of thousands of dollars that I don’t even have.”

Vext would also touch upon the allegations made against him by Johns and seemingly implied by Arbour, offering, “I don’t want to seem like a fucking misogynist or an asshole, but I’ve dated hundreds of women. Hundreds, OK? Hundreds. So if two or three people are pissed off at me, then I’m at like a… I’m literally 1% of people that I’ve been with are mad at me. So I’m doing OK. I’m doing just fine. And the thing is that I’ve never had any of these problems until I was ‘somebody’. Because these kinds of women aren’t attracted to everyday guys.”

Towards the end of his stream Vext somewhat jokingly stated that Arbour should “give me my fucking Tiffany’s necklace back.” He continued, “If I’m such a fucking bastard, I’m so fucking abusive, then give me back all the diamonds that I got you for Christmas, before you started acting like a psychopath.”

He would also go on to say, “I don’t feel good about making this video. I don’t feel good because I know that in order for me to indemnify myself, I have to be honest, and then in the process of me being honest it’s going to injure the person that’s attacking me and I don’t even want that. I don’t even think like that.”

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