Decayer Debut “Dead Soul” Video


Decayer have debuted their new single “Dead Soul” complete with the below music video. They commented:

“As a band, we took the right amount of time to determine how this next chapter would move forward. We decided to continue with the same flow, just with a sharper edge. It was time for our original singer, Sean Labrucherie, to come back stronger than ever. ‘Dead Soul‘ is a closer look into the mental negativity that surrounds someone or a group of people. The rise, the fall and knowing where you come from. The things we’re all really dealing with in life and confronting it head on.

We once again brought on Lance Gergar to direct the music video for ‘Dead Soul’ and bring the visualization of the song to life. This EP will be our strongest to date with so much more filthiness to come. The world has been through dark and unprecedented times, but we are absolutely ready to hit the road as soon as possible and tour and share our passion around the world!”

Work was recently completed on the band’s new EP with plans to release it through Seek And Strike being mapped out.

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