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Black Veil Brides Debut “Fields Of Bone” Music Video, New Album Due In June


Black Veil Brides have premiered their music video for their brand new single “Fields Of Bone“. Both the video treatment and directorial duties for it were handled by the group’s frontman Andy Biersack. In other news, a June 04th has been officially announced for the band’s new album “The Phantom Tomorrow“, with it set to feature the following track listing:

01 – “The Phantom Tomorrow” (Introduction)
02 – “Scarlet Cross
03 – “Born Again
04 – “Blackbird
05 – “Spectres” (Interlude)
06 – “Torch
07 – “The Wicked One
08 – “Shadows Rise
09 – “Fields Of Bone
10 – “Crimson Skies
11 – “Kill The Hero
12 – “Fall Eternal

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Frontman Andy Biersack previously told Kerrang! of the album’s concept:

“I wanted to build this comic book scenario where the worst thing that could happen is that you lie, or you’re perceived as a liar. How do you extrapolate that? Who would be the decision makers? Who would be the savior of those people?

Within the story there’s a group of people who have been branded as disreputable in society, who build their own counterculture. Their design of dress, faith and religious beliefs are centered around the idea that they believe themselves to be innately good, but they have been cast out. They are The Phantom Tomorrow, who believe that there’s something coming, a way to get out of this, but they don’t know what it is yet.”

The Blackbird is heavily based on my love of vigilante heroes, whether it’s Batman or Spawn or The Crow. That is combined with my fascination with the love of the arguments between the existence of the historical Christ, the arguments for existence of the religious Christ, and the arguments for there not being a Christ.

Within this story, The Blackbird is all those things: he’s a belief system for the people in the counterculture; he’s a Christ-like figure that people believe in; he’s a vigilante that people claim they’ve seen; and he’s a real guy that we, as the audience, know exists and takes care of the bad guys.”

Pre-orders for “The Phantom Tomorrow” are up here.

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