Corey Steger

Underoath Comment On The Death Of Their Former Guitarist Corey Steger


Underoath themselves have released the below statement in regards to the death of their former guitarist/vocalist Corey Steger earlier this week. The group’s former frontman Dallas Taylor revealed yesterday that Steger passed away in a car accident this past Wednesday, March 17th. Underoath said earlier today (March 19th):

“Yesterday we received news that shook us. Our friend and founding Underoath member Corey Steger died suddenly this week. He was an uncommonly caring person. He was constantly striving to be a better version of himself not just for himself but to be the best example of God’s love to his wife and two children who he loved more than anything. We would not be who we are without him, period. Our thoughts and prayers are with his family. Godspeed, Corey.”

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Steger was a member of Underoath from 1998 to 2001 and appeared on their debut album “Act Of Depression” and their sophomore follow-up, “Cries Of The Past“.