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Flaw’s Christopher Volz Issues Apology For Using N-Word Onstage: “I In No Way Meant It To Be A Racial Thing”


Flaw frontman Christopher Volz has issued an apology for his usage of a racial slur while onstage this past week. While performing onstage in Chicago, IL this past Friday, March 12th, Volz was filmed berating the soundman for the venue over the monitor mix, referring to him by the n-word. He later then went on add “You’re all white, so that’s not racist.” Footage of that incident and a transcript of what was said can be found here.

In the days that followed Volz made a post on his personal social media, which some saw as indirectly addressing the incident, criticizing cancel culture and more. One section of that post reads:

“We are blessed with freedom of speech and expression, but this does not mean you can use that same freedom of speech and expression to try to oppress someone else’s or something you do not agree with. That in itself is in direct violation of the God given rights that have been sacrificed for and gifted to us. It’s also a direct double negative.

Cancel culture can not, and will not, abuse the very fundamental rights they are trying to extinguish by using the exact same rights they are objecting to while trying to cancel them. You just canceled yourself, by-proxy. That is simply wrong and won’t be tolerated. There is no color, there is no race, we are all human beings trying to survive on a rock spinning around a huge ball of fire.”

In the wake of the footage of Volz‘s actions making headlines this morning, Volz has now issued the below apology regarding his actions:

“Hey Flaw Family, I need to address the recent video and backlash that surfaced this weekend. I made a huge mistake and in the heat of my anger I used an unacceptable group of words towards another white person. I in no way meant it to be a racial thing and it is being construed on social media as if I made a statement about my beliefs and that is simply not true.

Anyone who knows me knows that I have always been an advocate for equality and even wrote a song called ‘Bleed Red‘ 5 years ago that was all about ending racism (link below). Flaw has always had all genders and races on our team, from managers to agents to labels to road crew and we always will.

I have worked so hard for the past 25 years to build my career and I don’t want something like this to ruin it for anyone. I take responsibility for my actions, apologize for my melt down and hope that you can all forgive me.”

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