Stone Sour

Corey Taylor On If Stone Sour Will Ever Return: “You Never Say Never”


Corey Taylor has elaborated on last year’s decision to put Stone Sour on an ‘indefinite hiatus’. When he originally spoke of the situation last August, he offered:

“I feel like Stone Sour has kind of run its course for now. We all talked as a band and decided to kind of put Stone Sour on indefinite hiatus. That’s the way it is. We’ve put it on the shelf for now. Everybody’s kind of going and doing their own thing.”

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Now as part of a new interview with ‘New & Approved W/ Matt Pinfield‘ for 95.5 KLOS, Taylor has opened up further on the band’s continued dormancy:

“There was kind of a plateau with Stone Sour, creatively, that I needed to kind of step away from. For some reason, it didn’t feel the way that it felt in the past. And also, I was still dealing with my own issues coming out of my last marriage, and dealing with the depression that had come with that, and the bile of the toxic relationship…

So going into Slipknot helped with that, it helped me release a lot of that, but then coming out of that, I knew that if I was going to be able to heal a little faster, I needed to do something that felt fresher. So the solo thing was definitely what I needed to do. And obviously, I’m going to stay doing solo stuff for a little longer.

But you never say never. Stone Sour has been a part of my life since I was 19 years old, it predates Slipknot by five years, and it was the first real band that I ever started. So it will always be there for me, and hopefully, the other guys in the band feel that way. But for right now, I just need to be able to do this, and it’s just a part of me.”

Taylor currently is mapping out a socially distanced spring solo tour. In this same interview, he also teased an upcoming release from Slipknot.

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