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(hed)p.e.’s Jared Gomes Says “Stampede” Being Poorly Received Was Like “Losing In Spectacular Fashion”


(hed)p.e. frontman Jared Gomes has reflected on the band’s 2019 album being poorly received by what he feels was “the great majority” of ‘his people’. In a post shared via the band’s official Facebook earlier today, March 03rd, he stated:

“I just want all my hedpe people to know when a record like Stampede comes out and the great majority of my people dont like it…

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Its like training for a championship fight for 6 months and losing in spectacular fashion. Not by TKO; not by decision, but by a one punch knock out.

Getting put to sleep. Face down on the canvass, center of the ring. Under the big lights, in front of your family, friends and indeed, the whole fucking world.

It sucks, but ya get up, lick your wounds, use what ya learned to come back and graduate with the Class of 2020.

In martial arts or any other form of creative endeavor; its the journey not the destination.”


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