Footage Of Deftones’ Entire 5-Song 1992 TV Performance Now Available


Video footage of Deftones‘ complete 1992 appearance on the community cable show, ‘Sacto Active Rock‘ has now made its way online. Previously this footage of “Answers being played on the program recently emerged online. Now the complete performance, along with an accompanying interview, has surfaced online from the archives of ‘Sacto Active Rock‘ host/producer Lizz Fisher. The video’s uploader commented:

“We have been sitting on this one for a long time- many years- but thanks to Lizz Fisher, we can finally post this. Thanks as well to Romain Coquette, who helped gather permission from the band to post the one song that has since gone a bit viral.

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This version is a higher quality transfer off of Lizz’ (the show’s host AND producer) personal tape. And with this, all of the Sacto Active rock shows have now been documented and released. All of them (and thousands more) are available on the website.”

The set itself begins around 06:33 in and features the following setlist:

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