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Pupil Slicer Premiere “Interlocutor” Music Video


Interlocutor“, the third new single from Pupil Slicer‘s forthcoming album “Mirrors“, is now available online. You can watch a video for that song below. Vocalist/guitarist Katie Davies said of the track:

“‘Interlocutor‘ is a look into some of our more direct and immediate work, a musical train of thought running off the rails, constantly evolving in one direction. This theme is reflected in the lyrics which tell of an internal struggle, a fight between a voice of reason and love of life pitted against a twisted mirror image of crushing depression and self-loathing.”

Drummer Josh Andrews added:

“We wanted to go beyond the more typical style of performance videos common to metal and create a stronger narrative to effectively explore the concepts that are core to Kate‘s lyrics.

The music video features a woman in turmoil and on the brink of suicide. The inner thoughts in the present self and memory of a happier childhood self are featured to highlight how oppressing and all encompassing a self-destructive mindset can become, losing touch with better times and the possibility of a brighter tomorrow.”

[via Revolver]

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