Senses FailKat Nijmeddin

Senses Fail Debut New Track “Lush Rimbaugh”


Senses Fail have released a new track titled “Lush Rimbaugh“. The song arrived yesterday—the same day as the death of divisive conservative political commentator Rush Limbaugh. While celebrated among conservatives, Limbaugh‘s inflammatory and highly controversial opinions and actions towards those of other sexual orientation and race over the years saw thousands celebrate his passing yesterday. At one point ‘Rest In Piss’ was trending on Twitter in regards to his death.

Senses Fail have shared the lyrics for the track, you can read them below:

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Send the meteor cause I’ve had enough of this and Id like to see some good ole fashioned wrathful Testament

Why is it so hard to try to be open to eyes that are not yours in shoes you’ve never walked in? When I heard you were dying I have to admit that I felt a bit of sympathy but then you open your mouth and confirmed to me that you’re a piece of shit and I’m glad you’re suffering.

I’m not sorry, I’m not fucking sorry, I’m not sorry anymore. There’s a special place in hell for you, I’m sure they’ve got your number at the door. When I was young I used to hate myself because bigots like you were given pedestals. You proselytize in the name of religion but it’s all for show you’re gonna be locked out of heaven. There is no repenting, there is no coming back.

You’re going to hell with a mark on your back where you’ll fry like a saint but unlike Joan of Arc you’re not worth the piss to put out the spark. You spend your whole life trying to make others feel bad for things they can’t control. And now you’re dying clinging on to all the things you tell yourself but you know in your soul, you will be forgotten. You will be forgotten like the snow and the ice while basking in a warm summer sun.”


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