Attila's Chris Fronzak With Security Guard

Attila Sued By Security Guards Over Violent Altercation At 2018 Las Vegas Show


You may remember back in August of 2018 when Attila made headlines for striking at least one security guard whom they deemed to be too rough with their fans at a show they were playing at the Hard Rock Live in Las Vegas, NV. Video footage shared around the time of the incident can be seen below and finds Chris Fronzak striking a member of the venue’s security while berating them onstage. At the time of the incident, Fronzak tweeted:

Shortly after the altercation, the Hard Rock Live issued the below statement:

“The safety and security of our fans, staff and performers is our top priority. We are disappointed in the escalation of events at the Attila show last night. While we believe security acted in an appropriate way to protect the best interests of guests, we are reviewing the incident to ensure proper protocol was followed.”

Now comes word that two security guards who worked at the venue that night, Patrick Anderson and Russell Miner, have filed a lawsuit against the band’s frontman Chris Fronzak, guitarist Christopher Linck and bassist Kalan Blehm. The suit was filed this past Wednesday, February 17th, in a Clark County District Court. According to Las Vegas Review-Journal, members of the band were “lunging after, punching, attacking, kicking, throwing objects at, and/or striking” the security guards during that show.

The suit also states that guards suffered injuries to their heads, necks, backs and shoulders, offering that “all or some of which conditions may be permanent and disabling in nature.” It further alleges that the Hard Rock Live failed in providing the guards “safe premises” during the concert.

Fronzak has responded to word of the lawsuit, stating via social media:

Fan-filmed footage of the incident can be found below:

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