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Tetrarch To Release New Album “Unstable” In April, Debut “You Never Listen” Video


April 30th has been announced as the release date for Tetrarch‘s new full-length, “Unstable“. Napalm Records will be releasing the effort with a music video for the first single “You Never Listen” having been unveiled below. Likewise, pre-orders for the record are also now available and can be found here.

The group recorded the album with producer Dave Otero (Cattle Decapitation, Allegaeon) with guitarist Diamond Rowe commenting:

“The album has an overall theme of self-reflection and really looking at the relationships or parts of yourself/your life that you don’t like and getting out of those situations. It’s an angsty record. Musically, we were not timid in showing that we refuse to be boxed in as artists, and I think we really came out swinging with showing the world the type of band that we want to be. ‘Freak‘ did great for us and showed us that the music we were making was something that people wanted to hear, and that gave us the confidence to write and record this beast of an album.”

As for the single, Rowe offered:

“We wanted to do something unexpected and approach the song from a different lens. Conceptually, the video follows a young kid who is obviously living in a bad situation in a messed-up home. Throughout the video, the kid deals with the inner voices and visions in his head, represented by the band members appearing and disappearing, as he struggles to understand what’s real and what isn’t. As the song ramps up, we wanted to portray the kid as telling those voices to shut up as he takes control and rids himself of the negative energy around him.”

Frontman/guitarist Josh Fore added:

“‘You Never Listen‘ is for anybody who has struggled or is struggling through a broken relationship – whether it be with a family member, friend, significant other, or even with themselves. So many times, we find that people we once were close with or felt like we knew well show a darker and different side of themselves that forces us apart. ‘You Never Listen’ is about having the strength to say enough is enough and to rid yourself of those toxic situations.”

Unstable” track listing:

01 – “I’m Not Right
02 – “Negative Noise
03 – “Unstable
04 – “You Never Listen
05 – “Sick Of You
06 – “Take A Look Inside
07 – “Stitch Me Up
08 – “Addicted
09 – “Pushed Down
10 – “Trust Me

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