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Here’s What Songs Every Time I Die & Cave In Covered During Last Night’s ‘Splitsville’ Stream


Last night (January 29th) saw the launch of a new streaming series dubbed ‘Splitsville‘. Overseen by ‘Two Minutes To Late Night‘, the series aims to mimic the split 7″ releases of old wherein two artists would cover each other’s songs. This initial foray into the series found Cave In and Every Time I Die taking part, covering a track from each other.

Every Time I Die chose to take on “Youth Overrided” from Cave In‘s 2003 major label outing, “Antenna“. Cave In‘s contribution found them taking on the track “Moor” from Every Time I Die‘s 2014 release, “From Parts Unknown“. You can still catch the performance now over at for a limited time up until 08:00pm EDT / 05:00pm PDT tonight, January 30th.

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