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Down Preparing To Record New Covers Album


While the majority of Down‘s plans to celebrate the 25th anniversary of their debut album “NOLA” last year went up in proverbial smoke, the group aren’t planning to sit idly by while waiting for touring to open  up again. Instead, they are mapping out plans for a covers album, which the band’s drummer Jimmy Bower recently spoke to Brave Words about. He said of their plans:

“We’re supposed to do a covers record pretty soon, that’s the next thing. We haven’t figured out exactly when we’re going to do it, or completely what songs yet… it’s just been an idea we’ve had forever. I know that’s in the works. Down was scheduled to play some festival shows last summer (2020) in Europe, and they got cancelled. I think we’re booked again this summer, but it just depends (on the COVID-19 pandemic) you know.”

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As for what songs will make the cut, Bower opted to remain tight lipped. He did however speak a bit about on what you can expect:

“There’s definitely been some weird ones that I was like, ‘Wow, that would be killer!’ It’s going to be fun to do, to put our own take on ‘em. They’re not going to sound exactly like… we’ll put the Down take on it.”

“There’s a couple we decided on doing that I would think everybody would know, but then again you never know. Some of ‘em to me, are kind of obvious, just because I’m in the band. If you’re a true Down fan, you really know what we’re influenced by; some of ‘em will be no brainers. I’m excited to get working on that, it’s going to be really fun!”

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