Chevelle Score Five New Gold Records in The United States


Chevelle were awarded a new wave of gold records in the United States by the RIAA late last week. Five singles from the band were all certified gold on January 15th, they include

  • Face To The Floor
  • The Clincher
  • I Get it
  • Vitamin R (Leading Us Along)
  • Jars

The group previously saw a similar wave of certifications back on May 28th of 2020, when several of their albums and singles were certified platinum and gold at the same time. Presently the band are gearing up for the March 05th release of their ninth studio album “NIRATIAS“.

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A platinum album in the United States represents 1,000,000 units, while gold signifies 500,000 units. Outside of traditional physical/digital sales, the certifications factor in digital streams/downloads with 10 permanent track downloads counting as 1 unit and 1500 on-demand audio/video streams from a particular album also counting as as a unit.