Terminal BlissChris Boarts Larson

Terminal Bliss (Pg.99, Ex-Darkest Hour, Etc.) Release Debut EP “Brute Err/ata”


Terminal Bliss have digitally released their debut EP “Brute Err/ata“. A physical release of the ten-song outing will follow on February 26th via Relapse with pre-orders available here. The band commented:

“We couldn’t be more excited for folks to hear Brute Err/ata. This group of songs came together rather quickly. In part because of our decades long relationship to punk and one another. I think for the four of us, this band was just something we’d all been chomping at the bit to do for awhile. Each of us brings a clear creative vision to the songs and we chisel away at them. We did a lot of meticulous work tweaking the sound and the mix until it was as close to what we were thinking as we could get it. We wanted to make the songs as feral and unhinged as possible. Brute Err/ata is just a snapshot of what we’re trying to do and we are already working on newer material.”

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The group’s lineup consists of Pg. 99 vocalist Chris Taylor and guitarist Mike Taylor along with Ryan Parrish (Iron Reagan, ex-Darkest Hour) and bassist Adam Juersko (City Of Caterpillar).

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