Pressure 4-5

Demos Of Pressure 4-5’s Unreleased Sophomore Album Emerge Online


Pressure 4-5‘s planned follow-up to their 2001 full-length debut “Burning The Process” never materialized, even though the band had managed to demo the material for it somewhere back around 2003. While the band would go on to call it quits not long after those sessions, the unfinished and previously unreleased material for their sophomore bow has remained a holy grail for fans up until now it seems.

Those demos have newly been shared online below with the uploader offering the following of it:

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“Ok, here it is. Those that knew I had these in my possession have been asking me for over a year to post these and I’ve been dragging my feet on it.

These are the songs that were to be on Pressure 4-5‘s unreleased second album. ‘Burning The Process‘ is one of the best albums I’ve ever heard and remains an all-time favorite of mine, so much so that I reached out to their singer a few years ago and asked him if he had any demos from the never-released second album he could send me. He was a SUPER nice guy and told me all about their career, as well as sending me these demos. Thanks again Adam, I hope you don’t mind me posting these here.

Merry Christmas guys, this is a holy grail. These songs would’ve made an incredible second album.

1. Real Life 00:00
2. Pitiful Stranger 03:09
3. 7 Years 06:14
4. From Here To There 08:51
5. Shine 12:03
6. Spectacle 15:26
7. A Vision of a Chance 18:36
8. Brave 21:18
9. New War Declaration 24:06
10. On My Feet 26:58
11. The Surface 29:38″