I, The Breather

I, The Breather Frontman Shawn Spann Explains Why The Band Moved Away From The Christian Metal Scene


I, The Breather recently returned from a nearly five year breakup with their new single “Prey. Previously aligned with the Christian metal scene, the band’s vocalist Shawn Spann has commented on how negative experiences in that environment pushed the band and himself away from it. He said in a statement issued earlier today, November 09th:

“I’ve been straying away from this question for some time and after years, I feel ready to whoop this elephant in the rooms ass and move forward.

I spent many years in the Christian industry. That was enough time for me to see how corrupt it is. Ive played festivals that refused to feed us, I’ve had friends in other bands be spat on by “Christians” for smoking a cigarette back stage.

I’ve been called almost every name in the book for not being what some call an ideal christian. I’ve seen things by other Christian acts that made my blood boil and put my faith into question. In my honest opinion… We all deserve to love our God and not be judged CONSTANTLY by others for said beliefs.

So for those who keep asking why we walked away from that industry. Well that’s your answer. We’re not another band who ran from faith, we ran from the assholes involved in it. I am choosing to put my energy else where.

This doesn’t mean my faith has changed, it just means my energy is going else where. It means that I respect your faith and wish you to respect mine. Love your life loving your God and I will do so as mine. It’s that simple… I’m ready to move on with my life without constantly feeling judged.

So, you may wonder, Well where are you now? What will you be focus on?

My main focus from today forward is 100000% behind Mental Illness. I have battled this demon for so long, it’s usually all I can focus on. I have a beautiful family and good life and yet this illness still puts me to the ground with suicidal thoughts at times. It’s scary and something I wish upon no one.

So going forward… I hope you can all understand why I am going down a different road. I hope you can understand why my lyrics are pissed and a lot less held back. I have to be true to myself while trying to help others battle this same war.

It’s not easy with a family behind you, let alone when you feel isolated and alone in your fight. I want to help those of you feeling that way. I want to be your beacon of hope, your brother and someone you can turn to when you just need to talk. I could care less about your beliefs, all I want is to be a brother. We are all in this life together and it’s time we respect each other as so.

If me being able to help one or two of you fulfill a life full of happiness, I can go to my grave feeling as if I have done my duty here.
Love you all!!!


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