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Fear Factory’s Dino Cazares On Burton C. Bell: “He Couldn’t Sing Live Anymore” (Updated)


Update: November 02nd, 2020 09:35 AM:

Dino Cazares has since distanced himself from accusations of former Fear Factory frontman Burton C. Bell having partaken in substance abuse, offering:

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Original Story::

Dino Cazares fired some shots at his former Fear Factory bandmate Burton C. Bell this weekend. Cazares and Bell became estranged amid a lengthy legal battle that involved separate lawsuits targeting Cazares and Bell. Both were launched by launched by former members of the band, with no direct litigation having taken place between Cazares and Bell.

In the end, Cazares emerged the victor of sorts, attaining ‘100% control’ of the Fear Factory trademarks. While Cazares went to work on beefing up an album the band had previously recorded in 2017, Bell himself exited the group, making his opinion of Cazares clear.

While Cazares had hoped to welcome Bell back to the fold, he now plans to continue the band without Bell, with to a replacement for him to eventually be decided upon. Yesterday (October 31st) saw Fear Factory celebrate their 30th anniversary and Cazares made several comments about his former bandmate on the band’s Facebook. When a fan posted “Not the same without burton”, Cazares replied directly:

“Im glad it’s not the same he couldn’t sing live anymore it’s not a secret fans have been complains about his voice for years, go look at YouTube comments ,bring on the new voice”

Other comments made by Cazares included:

“I just wish he would’ve taken care of his voice over the years, like Mike Patton who screams like crazy and Corey Taylor and Howard Jones who both do screams and melodic singing. Those guys prove it can be done”

Cazares would later seemingly insinuate that Bell‘s indulgence in substances may have played a role in his allegedly diminished capacity:

“If I was a singer I would take care of my voice and not drink hard alcohol, do drugs or smoke. You have to learn how to adapt to your old age. A million singers do it. And million don’t and just have issues…”

MetalSucks have posted screencraps of each of the aforementioned comments. Fear Factory‘s new studio album, which will feature Bell‘s previously recorded vocal tracks, is tentatively expected out in March. A new single is due out before the end of 2020.

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