Coal Chamber

Dez Fafara On Coal Chamber Ever Reuniting: “I Wouldn’t Put It Past Us, But Right Now I’m Definitely Concentrating On DevilDriver”


DevilDriver frontman Dez Fafara had previously closed the chapter on his earlier outfit Coal Chamber, stating in part back in 2018 of the outfit:

“I’ve finally… I said to myself and to my wife, everyone around me, I’m burying it. No, it is not coming back. The minute I step on stage with DevilDriver and do Coal Chamber songs, it’s never coming back. I told Meegs that. I told Mike that. I said, ‘So you’d better get ahold of me.’ What they said was, ‘Call the lawyer.’ Well, go fuck you, dude! How about that? So that’s where it’s at right now.”

Two years on from that statement and four since the band were once again laid to rest, Fafara isn’t so sure the door will remain shut. When asked by a fan via a Metal Hammer Q&A recently if the group would ever return, Fafara responded:

“I’m not gonna say yes or no. I’m not gonna say no, because we’ve all spoken. The main thing for me is that the relationship is all good after numerous fallouts in the beginning and after some stuff went horribly wrong when we got back together to release ‘Rivals‘. The vibe in that camp is very cool at the moment, and we all have each other’s backs. I wouldn’t put it past us, but right now I’m definitely concentrating on DevilDriver.”

DevilDriver released the first half of their “Dealing With Demons” double album earlier this month with the second half expected to follow next year.

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