Testament's Alex Skolnick

Testament’s Alex Skolnick Releases Second Rap Track “Wear A F–King Mask (WAFM)”


Following on the heels of his politically charged rap debut “Trump Sucks“, Testament, etc. guitarist Alex Skolnick has launched a second rap track of his own. The latest cut in part furthers that political bent and has been titled “Wear A Fucking Mask“. Skolnick commented:

“‘Trump Sucks,’ came out the other week and truly came out of nowhere. Some wrote in calling it “Brilliant,” “Best rap song of 2020” and “An anthem for our times,” while others labelled it “cringeworthy,” “pathetic” and “leftist BS.” (Hey, any reaction is better than no reaction, as they say 🤷).

A few even admitted enjoying the song and/or being entertained by the video despite not agreeing. This sequel had more energy put into it so I hope everyone who appreciated the first one feels similarly about WAFM. The loss of my all-time favorite guitarist, Eddie Van Halen delayed things by about a week, as I and the world mourned.

Coincidentally, this project includes some of the the most directly VH influenced parts I’ve ever done; so much so that I’d taken out my exact replica of his guitar after quite some time (built by a pal of mine, Frankie Fulleda, who builds these just for fun). EVH influence on a rap/hip-hop track? Sure. Eddie‘s palm scratching technique on the VH track ‘Atomic Punk,’ is a perfect stand-in for a turntable sound (and easier than coordinating with an actual DJ).

The chorus is inspired by a VH groove so funky, it could have worked for rap/hip-hop ( “Mean Street”). So in light of this, it’s ironic and a bit eerie that EVH’s influence was felt so strongly just prior to the news.

Staying in my lane is something I’ve never been good at. I realize that a jazz/rock guitarist best known for thrash-metal venturing into old school hip-hop and comedic social commentary might not make much sense. But my question to you is: Does anything make much sense these days?

AS (Skoly D)

PS To anyone who thought the first track represents the pinnacle of my rap technique, three words: HOLD MY BEER 😉🎤”

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