Shane Embury Of Napalm Death

Napalm Death’s Shane Embury Enlists Megadeth, Converge, Etc. Members For New Blood From The Soul Album


Napalm Death bassist Shane Embury has rebooted his early ’90s side project Blood From The Soul with a new lineup. Joining Embury for this forthcoming new album is Converge, etc. frontmman Jacob Bannon, Megadeth, etc. drummer Dirk Verbeuren and ex-Nasum bassist Jesper Liveröd. Previous vocalist Lou Koller (Sick Of It All) does not appear to be involved this time around.

As for the record itself, it has been titled “DSM-5” and will be released by Deathwish Inc. on November 13th. Speaking recently with Forbes, Bannon revealed how he joined the outfit:

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Shane approached me to work on the project with him, and I’ve known Shane in passing from touring over the last number of years, and we’ve stayed in touch with each other here and there.

But the email kind of came out of the blue, I knew that he was working on bringing the project back to life at some point, and for the last couple of years there were some rumors about other musicians that he was trying to work on it with, so I thought he was already kind of going that route.

So when I heard from him it was surprising and welcoming, and it just sounded like a really fun challenge to be honest.

I’m used to writing material in my other bands that’s rooted in life experience, I’ve never really tried to write anything that hasn’t been ‘non-fiction,’ for lack of a better terminology in terms of lyrics.

This to me was an interesting challenge where I could write from a different perspective, and still put in my own life experiences and attach a variety of different metaphors that relate to today and contemporary society. It was a whole different animal and I was just like “yeah this sounds exciting, I’d love the opportunity and I’d love the challenge.”

So at that point, [Shane] sent me some demos and ideas and he told me who else he’d been talking to about working on the project with, and he already had Dirk [Verbeuren] from Megadeth lined up as the percussionist.

The previous record, [‘To Spite the Gland That Breeds‘], was all drum machine so that was already pretty exciting to me because you have this monster drummer doing this, and I got in touch with Dirk to just get the feel for what everybody was looking for and put the challenge on.”

Below you can find the first single from the release, “Debris Of Dreams“. Pre-orders have also been launched and can be found at this location.

DSM-5” track listing:

01 – “Fang Tooth Claw
02 – “Ascend The Spine
03 – “Calcified Youth
04 – “Debris Of Dreams
05 – “Dismantle The Titan
06 – “Encephalon Escape
07 – “Subtle Fragment
08 – “Terminal Truth
09 – “Sharpened Heart
10 – “Self Deletion
11 – “Lurch Of Loss
12 – “DSM-5

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