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Dino Cazares: “Why Are Some Of U Being So Selfish And So Against Me Giving Another Singer The Opportunity To Sing For Fear Factory?”


Fear Factory guitarist Dino Cazares‘ potential plans to continue the band without frontman Burton C. Bell haven’t sat well with some of the group’s fans. Cazares announced that he gained 100% control of the Fear Factory trademarks earlier this year via two separate legal battles that were filed by former bandmembers, Christian Olde Wolbers & Raymond Herrera.

One lawsuit found the duo targeting him, while the other saw the duo going after Bell. As a result of the proceedings, Cazares was able to gain 100% control of the Fear Factory name, something Bell was said to have previously held 50% of. That resolution was said to have been reached without direct litigation between Bell and Cazares.

Since regaining the rights, Cazares set out to revisit an unreleased album the band recorded several years back, launching this GoFundMe campaign to raise funds for additional studio time and production costs. That decision didn’t sit well with Bell, who publicly voiced his disapproval. You can read more on Dino‘s side of the legal proceedings here.

While Cazares says he has left the door open for Bell to continue on fronting the band, Bell himself opted to quit the band earlier this week. Cazares has confirmed that he has not spoken with Bell in over a year, despite repeatedly reaching out to him.

Cazares has also since stated that his offer for Bell to rejoin the fold and continue on with the band is won’t be on the table forever. As a 30-year veteran and constant of the outfit, the decision to potentially replace Bell remains a controversial one. Despite that, Cazares himself has revealed that he grows weary of the criticism directed his way for potentially doing just that. In a tweet posted overnight, he stated:

Cazares found support in Firewind‘s Gus G., who offered:

At present, Fear Factory‘s revisited unreleased album, complete with vocal tracks finished years ago by Burton C. Bell, is tentatively expected out in March.

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