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Svalbard Find New Label Home Following Exit From Holy Roar Records


Svalbard have announced they have a new label home in their native UK in the form of Church Road Records. The band exited Holy Roar Records earlier this month after rape allegations emerged against the label’s founder, Alex Fitzpatrick. While Fitpatrick himself denied those allegations and announced his resignation from the label, several artists and much of the Holy Roar staff exited as well.

One of those staff who quit in solidarity with the alleged victims was Employed To Serve frontwoman Justine Jones, who had been serving as the label manager for Holy Roar. Church Road Records is her new label venture launched in the wake of the Holy Roar incident.

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With their new label home in place, Svalbard‘s forthcoming album “When I Die, Will I Get Better?” will retain its previously planned September 25th release date with pre-orders available via and

The band commented:

“We are very happy to announce that we will now release “When I Die, Will I Get Better?” via Church Road Records – the new venture of former Holy Roar label manager, Justine Jones.

The release date remains 25th September and pre-orders are now available from and

Translation Loss Records will release the album in North America and Tokyo Jupiter Records will release the album in Japan, neither label having any affiliation to Holy Roar so all aspects of their release remain unchanged.

We are fortunate to have worked with Justine for many years, her passion, dedication and label knowledge has been instrumental in our growth as a band. She’s a person in the music industry who genuinely cares. We are proud to be releasing this record on Church Road Records.

Justine is doing everything she can to keep the release on track, however please be patient if minor delays occur along the way or if things continue to appear online under the Holy Roar label during the transition period – we will keep everyone informed via our socials of all developments.

We will be donating a portion of each record sale through Church Road to RapeCrisis England & Wales. We have chosen to support this charity as their centres, helplines and campaign for change against sexual assault are so desperately needed.
Thank you for being understanding, supportive and patient – and to Justine and Sammy at Church Road Records for all their hard work ensuring our album still gets released.

(In the interest of complete transparency, the stock that Through Love Rec, EVIL GREED and ourselves are selling was manufactured by Holy Roar and purchased from the label at cost price but will have the logo stickered over. If we did not use this stock we would have to delay the album until next year, the already pressed CDs and LPs would have to be destroyed which would be terrible for the environment and could have ended up costing us thousands of pounds. We hope you agree that this is the best course of action to help us move forward without hindrance.)”