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Dino Cazares Addresses Fear Factory’s Crowdfunding Campaign Backlash


Fear Factory guitarist Dino Cazares has once again addressed the criticism and negativity surrounding the band’s GoFundMe campaign. That crowdfunding campaign seeks to raise $25,000 to complete work on the band’s forthcoming new studio album. Originally announced as being titled “Monolith” by the band’s frontman Burton C. Bell and expected out several years ago, the record was ultimately delayed amid the band’s internal legal disputes over their trademarks.

Cazares recently announced that his involvement with those legal issues had been resolved and decided to revisit the album, having Mike Heller track live drums as opposed to the programmed drums that were originally in place.

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Cazares also went back to re-track some of his guitar and bass parts and enlisted keyboard/programming work from the likes of Rhys Fulber, Damien Rainaud, Igor Khoroshev, Giuseppe Bassi and Max Karon. A mix by Judas Priest’s Andy Sneap (Carcass, Killswitch Engage) was also announced for the outing.

Bell was quick to distance himself from the crowdfunding campaign, calling it a ‘scam’ on social media while also stating that he had no part in the GoFundMe campaign. Cazares clarified the intention behind the campaign soon after, revealing that Bell‘s involvement with the album took place in 2017 when he recorded his vocal tracks for it.

Speaking once again via his Facebook, Cazares set out to offer further details on the matter yesterday, September 14th, issuing the below statement:

“Despite what you may have heard about the Fear Factory gofundme page It is not a scam or created to pay anyone’s personal legal fees.

A lot of people have jumped on the negative band wagon that some of you fail to see the truth.

I’ve taken some of the most harshest criticism about me ,some coming from members of the band some from ex members of the band and from fans.

I dont understand why all this senseless drama because at the end of the day we all want the same thing and that is to enjoy a bad ass Fear Factory récord ,that is going to benefit us all.

I’m going to tell you the truth about this album.

3 years ago in 2017 we finished a album that was given to the record company complete with artwork. This record may have never seen the light of day because of all the legal issues that were surrounding the rights to the Fear Factory name.

After I regained my full rights to the name I decided to take this 3 year old album and make some much needed improvements.

Thanx to all the donations that we’ve received so far we are able to hire the same production crew that we’ve had on Genexus.

All I want to do is make this record the best record it could be with some amazing people working on it. It deserves a killer production to make this a classic FF album. I’m so exited for everyone to hear it because it really sounds amazing.
It’s that simple. That is all I wanted to do.

Despite all the shit I’m getting I still love you all and I’m not mad at anyone. Please help us reach our goal.

Dino Cazares

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