Pig DestroyerJay Dixon

Pig Destroyer Planning New Album, A Live Release And More


Pig Destroyer released their new EP “The Octagonal Stairway” just over two weeks ago, but that doesn’t mean they’re ready to take a break. The group have several new releases in the works, including a live album, a split with Cherubs and a proper full-length album of their own. Speaking recently with Decibel, the band’s guitarist Scott Hull commented:

“…We’re intentionally in our mid-period phase that a lot of bands have gone through. Napalm Death had their ‘Diatribes‘ and the three albums. We’re sort of intentionally in that, where we’re doing stuff that’s a little groovier and it’s not necessarily as extreme, but it’s something that we need to sort of get into our discography and out of our system. I’ve already told the guys we’re going to go back into something more extreme for the next record.

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We’ve got a live album coming up after ‘The Octagonal Stairway‘ and then we’re going to do a split with Cherubs which is going to be more in tune with that noise rock-type stuff and then we’ll do another full-length. I have every intention at this point for it to be shorter, faster, weirder songs, sort of like the earlier stuff.”

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