Five Finger Death Punch

Fans Suspect Five Finger Death Punch May Have Parted Ways With Jason Hook


Fan theories have been floating lately that Five Finger Death Punch guitarist Jason Hook and the band may have parted ways. Last week was made aware of various social media related ‘evidence’ that suggested the split, but was unable to independently verify his alleged departure.

To catch up, Hook headed home early from the band’s European touring earlier this year due to gallbladder surgery, with Andy James (ex-Sacred Mother Tongue/Fields Of The Nephilim) having been brought in as his live replacement.

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Since then, fans have noticed that various members of the band no longer appear to be following Hook on his social media accounts. Meanwhile, fans asking the band’s frontman Ivan Moody on the status of Hook in the band recently have been skirted aside:

Ivan Moody On Jason Hook

Ivan Moody On Jason Hook

Also causing concern among fans is the general lack of Hook among the band’s social media activities as of late, as well as promotional videos and segments they have been releasing during the ongoing COVID-19 quarantine. Further raising eyebrows is the group sharing the below photo upon reaching 1 million followers on Instagram, which does not feature Hook, but rather his live replacement earlier this year: Andy James.

Thus far, the band have yet to announce any potential split and Hook still lists himself as the guitarist of the band on his social media profiles.

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