Fans Find Billboard For New Deftones Album After Band Share Latitude And Longitude Coordinates


While the Deftones got the hype train rolling for their new album “Ohms” via a drip feed album title reveal across several social media and streaming platforms this week, they sent their fans into a frenzy earlier today (August 19th) after sharing these GPS coordinates.

The coordinates led to a billboard in a parking lot in Los Angeles, CA which at least one fan captured below. The billboard contains the text: “This is our time, we devour the days ahead 9-25-20”. This new advertisement presumably confirms the band’s much rumored September 25th release date for their aforementioned ninth studio album.

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Meanwhile, some artwork that was originally planned for merch that was briefly shared online for the band’s since rescheduled summer tour with Gojira and Poppy appears to have also been intended for the new album. See below for a fan’s demonstration of that.

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