Fans May Have Cracked A Part Of Deftones’ Mysterious Videos Following Today’s Teaser


There’s another Deftones teaser video to be found online, see below for what the band shared today, August 17th. This time there’s a tease of the lyrics for their track “Hexagram” off of their gold-certified 2003 self-titled album. Likewise, it appears that the Spotify entry for that song now also features some new imagery, just as yesterday’s teaser for “One Weak” did.

Enterprising fans have already begun to speculate that the group appear to be using a form of morse code via the art, essentially spelling out the band’s long-rumored album title. If that theory holds true, blinking dots featured in some of the imagery shared by the band has thus far spelled out O and H. Thus far the band have yet to officially announce the album or its release date, though September has previously been suggested by members of the band. An initial tease seemingly hinted at a potential September 25th release.

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